Footnote from the crew

From the ship’s complement:

Thank you for reading this far. We are the fourteen who delivered the ship from Auckland to Australia leaving June 10 and arriving in Newcastle on June 18, 2018. Across the Tasman in winter. Quite a trip!

We are united in our love of the ocean and our recognition of its international importance. Rehabilitating these shipping bunker oil hazards falls ‘between the cracks’ of governments, maritime law, jurisdictions and legislature.

They either haven’t thought about it or it’s too hard. In the case of some Pacific Island nations, they’re stuck in the bind where they can’t afford to do anything about it but recreational diving or reef tours account for more than 40%  of their national GDP.

They can’t afford not to kill off a national economy. Now that’s a wedgie and a half! If you don’t know what that means ask one of the Australians.

We want to change that before it’s too late; we are prepared to do something about it. It’s incredibly complicated and we are determined to abide by all relevant laws and regulations in doing what we have to do.

Won’t you join us? A little cash, your time or expertise, political lobbying, smart accounting skills, deck scrubbing abilities, looking glamorous – it all helps.

Get in touch, aye? Or make a donation.