M/V Limerick ROV Survey

One of the largest ships sunk in Australian waters during WWII, the wreck of M/V Limerick lies off the coast of Ballina in New South Wales. Corroding underwater for over 75 years the wreck frequently spills fuel into the surrounding environment with slicks up to 10 km in length recorded.

Working in collaboration with marine scientists at the University of Newcastle, MPF are planning the first ROV survey of the wreck to undertake the urgently required assessment of its condition and the pollutants it still holds.

Through your support, MPF will mobilise a team to travel to the wreck site and gather the data required to begin to proactively manage this polluting wreck.

Recent oil slicks from M/V Limerick, recorded from satellite images. Thanks to CGG SeaScope https://www.cgg.com/geoscience/satellite-mapping/offshore-pollution

MV Limerick leaving port


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