Our history, vision and mission.


Our history, vision and mission.

Major Projects Foundation (MPF) is a marine research and conservation not-for-profit organisation with a focus on deploying engineering solutions to protect ecosystems and cultural heritage in the Pacific.

In 2018 the MPF founders purchased an oil industry dive support ship to investigate growing concerns about the possibility of a catastrophic oil leak from one of the 300 oil tankers which sank during WWII in the Pacific. We have a growing team of professionals including sub-sea engineers, marine archaeologists, historians and bioremediation experts. MPF has official relationships with Newcastle University and the Regional Pacific Environment Programme, an inter-governmental organisation of 21 Pacific countries, to work on our project on Potentially Polluting Wrecks.

The newly renamed RV Ocean Recovery is one of the tools available to Major Projects Foundation to carry out our work – researching, setting up and executing ways to fix these potential, imminent environmental catastrophes.

In addition to the initial PPW project, MPF is currently scoping an exciting range of other environmental projects which could benefit from the engineering capacities of the organisation and the blue-water capability of our vessel.   

Major Projects Foundation undertakes and supports these projects

Oil content of wrecks

Explosive remnants of war

Plastic in oceans

Scientific work platform

Training and education

Industry and research partners

As well as offering engineering capacity to help the Pacific environment, a strong focus of the organisation is in public education about the environmental issues facing the region, and on capacity building with its communities.

MPF is the foundation set up by Major Projects Group, an Industrial demolition, Engineering and Consulting company whose directors have a strong commitment to the environment.

We seek collaboration with like-minded organisations or individuals.